ACE PR: Aceleradora de Cooperativas Eléctricas de Puerto Rico


New Grids.

New Power.

Community Owned & Operated Clean Power

ACE PR (Aceleradora de Cooperativas Eléctricas de Puerto Rico) is a social enterprise that provides developmental and operational support to community leadership starting electric cooperatives. We equip leaders with industry best practices and equitable financing to help them provide reliable power to their communities.

Electric utility cooperatives have proven to be much more than energy companies, they are also critical economic engines in their communities. By partnering with other cooperatives and local municipalities, they lay fertile ground to give rise to a thriving local economy. In order to accelerate prospective electric utility coops into investment-ready infrastructure projects, we employ the following solutions:

  1. Education and training in cooperative entrepreneurship

  2. Commercial and legal infrastructure

  3. Financial and professional support


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The Team


J.I. Cruz

operations & partnerships

J.I. is a social innovator and scholar from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Currently, he is a T-Mobile Changemaker with the Ashoka Foundation. Through his experience with civic and environmental organizations in Washington, DC, J.I. has become a respected thinker in operational design, strategic planning, and social impact. He joins ACE PR to assist in the creation of new solutions to his generation’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, and aims to create never-before-seen opportunities for other young Puerto Rican entrepreneurs.

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David Alvarez Geeter


David is an Ecopreneur with roots in Puerto Rico and 10 years experience in Silicon Valley. He's a community organizer with a knack for resilience planning, economic development, and systems design. As an early member at StartX (non-profit accelerator for Stanford founders), he began connecting the dots between sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and Impact Investing. He joins ACE PR to help establish a model for community-owned sustainable infrastructure on the island.

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Dr. Jay Hasty


Dr. Jay is an experienced senior technical advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the renewable energy and fuels industry. She offers a unique combination of experience across academia to industry, from early technology development to full scale commercialization and engineering. Dr. Jay brings with her over 12 years of experience in Research and Development (R&D), Testing, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Project Management in the renewable energy sector, and she has strong operations and business development experience with hardware and tech start-ups. Along with her colleagues at All Power Labs, Dr. Jay was awarded the X-Prize, one of the most prestigious awards of the engineering and social innovation sectors.

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Edgar Oscar Ruiz

region lead - vieques

Through Sail Relief Team, Oscar has established himself as a key contributor to the implementation of community solutions for energy needs in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane María, particularly in the island of Vieques. Oscar joins the ACE PR team as its first regional lead, focusing on capacity-building and project readiness in Vieques.

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